Never Get Stuck Again

by Cecil McIntosh

Never Get Stuck Again – is the only online home study training that teaches successful women entrepreneurs and small business owners how to be more productive in less time, as well as when to stop and take a break. A simple, amazing system based on My Grandma’s Legacy, you’ll learn how to live your dream life in just 90 days, despite personal or emotional setbacks in the past.

  • Enjoy online access through our flexible workshop.
  • Work through the program at your own pace and receive updates for one full year.
  • You will have access to a community where you can ask questions, get answers, and network.

Take A Closer Look Inside The
“Never Get Stuck Again” Program

Never Get Stuck Again – is designed to show you how to keep your head about you, when everything is falling apart. We’ll teach you WHAT to do and HOW to do it when it comes to getting unstuck in your business. It’s time you achieved your dream life without getting stressed, burned out, or overwhelmed. Let Cecil show you how!

This course including bonuses is valued at $4,936.64, but you won’t pay nearly that much.

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Your investment is only $197.

“Know that I am enjoying a quality of life I did not have a couple of years ago. I have been more productive in less hours and now have the ability to “walk away” when I need to take a break. Thank you for my Naughty Delicious Life.”

–Tana T.
Hunstville, Alabama

Below is an overview of
“Never Get Stuck Again”


An overview of the program and the seven modules


A Review of My Grandma’s Legacy

  • Understanding the foundational steps of Grandma’s Legacy.
  • Knowing your Bajan Hustle (outcome) for your business.
  • The importance of having a Bajan Hustle for each specific task.
  • The significance of having an overall Bajan Hustle for your dream life.


Slow Down and Effortlessly Make More Money (Anita’s ear)

  • What does Anita’s ear mean?
  • Why you need to practice the Bajan Shuffle (slowing down), before you can start using Anita’s ears.
  • The power of listening on the inside versus the outside. (Enhancing your intuition)


Stop Your Logical Mind from Taking Away Your Profits

  • What is your logical mind?
  • Why you need it and how it can do you more harm than good.
  • How to manage your logical mind.


Move Beyond Your Logical Mind, Rake In More Profits and Enjoy Peace of Mind

  • What is beyond your logical mind?
  • Why it’s necessary to move beyond your logical mind.
  • How do you stay in that state of mind?


Get Unstuck from Your Negative Inner Chatter and
Embrace a Flood of Positive Thoughts Once and for All

  • What are thoughts?
  • Why are thoughts critical to your success and how they can throw you into a deep depression?
  • How do you master them and live your dream life?


Stop Being Stressed by Difficult People—Turn Them into Friends

  • Discover the little known secret to Orman Punch.
  • How it can help you reduce stress by at least to 50 percent.
  • How one client used Orman Punch and was rewarded with 50 percent ownership in a company.


Get Unstuck from Chronic Pain

  • Experience and understand the 3-minute miracle.
  • Does it work for Arthritis and Carpal tunnel?
  • Discover how heart, stroke, and cancer patients get unstuck.


IN JUST 30 Days

Get your 7-Day FREE Trial Membership

Evening Lesson: (15 minutes)

  • Create the perfect day, every day, no matter the obstacles.
  • Gain personal power from the positive experiences of the day
  • Inserts a barrier between your work and personal life
  • Soothe the emotional stings of your day
  • *Rejuvenate your sleep by up to 300 percent*

Morning Lesson: (15 minutes)

  • Start you day in total focus
  • Boost your energy without caffeine
  • Enter your day with purpose regarding what you want to achieve.
  • Prepares you to cope with the problems and stresses of the upcoming day
  • Overall these two lessons are the first step and fastest way for getting unstuck


Enjoy Grandma’s 45-Minute Complimentary ONE-ON-ONE Session
for identifying your ideal dream life, the challenges you may
or may not be aware of, and a game plan for execution.

  • We look at what you expect your Dream Life to be three years from today.
  • Together we indentify the challenges or pitfalls which may hold you back or prevent you from living your dream life.
  • We then create an action plan to make your dream become a reality.


Here’s your chance to gain even more exciting knowledge with
TWO question and answer sessions.

  • Get the answers you need regarding any situation where you feel stuck.
  • Submit your questions if you are unable to attend the live event.
  • Combine your own questions with the questions of others and get more well-rounded results and answers.


My Personal Guarantee

If you have completed all the modules, followed our instructions and have not benefited from the program, let us know within 45 days and we will give a full and gracious refund.

How To Use This Program
And Get Maximum Benefit.

  • First, start with bonus #1. Melt Your Overwhelm in Just 30 Days. This will teach you how to slow down and have focus.
  • Second look for the module which addresses your biggest challenge right now.
  • Third, journal your progress so that you can see and track any challenges you are having.
  • You can then ask your question in you G+ community or come on the Q and A calls.

Don’t just go through the motions of being an entrepreneur or business owner. Take action and sign up for Cecil McIntosh’s “Never Get Stuck Again” program and learn what it takes to become a truly successful businesswoman both at work and at home.

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I am now living my passion

“Everyone needs a great coach. So I signed up for Cecil’s “Never Get Stuck Again” program because I was working and not having fun in my life. I am now living my passion but not at the expense of my health, family, and personal life. In other words I am sleeping better, eating healthy and having fun. ”

–Dr. Louse

I have been colitis free…

“I suffered from colitis for over 3 years and then I discovered how to deal with so called “difficult people” which had caused my stress. For the last 2 years I have been colitis free, due to using the tools that Cecil taught me, and I am now experiencing relaxation moment by moment”

–Sandra Baillie
Administrative Assistant,
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Less negative thoughts more confidence

“This MP3 was especially helpful in reducing the number of negative thoughts I would have during the day. Gradually, as I would review my daily activities I would have less and less negative thoughts and more and more positive thoughts.

We tend to be particularly critical of ourselves when no one else would and let this sway our thinking. Listening to the MP3 over and over again as a daily routine showed me how many really positive things would go on in my day that I never gave a second glance at. This in turn made me more confident in my activities and my interaction with others.”

–Vicki Lauder
Grand Mother,
Mississauga, Ontario

Don’t continue wearing yourself thin with work; get a real understanding of relaxation and watch it change your personal and professional life overnight!

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