Instructions for Downloading and
Using The 30 Day Shift Your Mind Journal


Downloading the Files:

If the file does not automatically download, simply right-click (use the right button on your mouse, and choose “Save As” — For Mac users, do “Control-Click”) on the links or images below and save the e-book on your hard drive.

Click here to download the 30 Day Shift Your Mind Jounal


Listen to the Morning Meditation (first thing in the morning)

Make notes in your 30-day manual.


Listen to the Evening Meditation (after work or before going to bed)

Make notes in your 30-day manual.

Step 3

Repeat Daily

Step 4

After day 10 summarize your progress of the last 10 days.


You will notice that the questions are the same. The reason why we do this is for you to see in your 10 day summary how you answers have dramatically changed.

We measure your results by noticing or feeling, how you answer to the same question change overtime. This experience allows you to get closer to finding your passion and the freedom you deserve.

These exercises make us more intuitive and increase self-awareness – your place in the world, at home, in the office or just walking down the street.

Note at the end of 10 days the workbook starts back at day 1 rather than move on to day 11. This makes it easier for you to know when you reach day 10 and it is time for your summary.

Repeat Steps 1-4 until you’ve reached the end of the 30 Day Workbook

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