Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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12 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway eBook

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway

eBook: Relax and Get Rich Bundle!



In this bundle you’ll discover:

  1. Why relaxing is 10 times easier than meditation?
  2. How 8 out of 9 of my clients sleep better at night by up to 300% and reduce blood pressure naturally from 10-30 points.
  3. How to save 10-100K by eliminating the fear of procrastination and making the right decision the first time 98% of the time.
  4. Why only 5% of successful entrepreneurs I’ve worked with in the last 15 years know how to effectively listen in their personal relationships?
  5. Why anyone can cut back on unnecessary spending from 10 to 80% – and never feel the pinch? OR – and save an extra $10-50,000 a year?
  6. How to relax and get a rich life.

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The e-book, Relax and Get Rich, is a guide to reducing stress, and making MORE money than you ever thought possible!


Start Fast, Slow Downaudio program, a 2-hour interactive experience. (Value $97.)

  • How you are sabotaging yourself by looking after others first.
  • How to stop being busy and empty your cluttered mind.
  • How to go on holiday anytime you wish.
  • How to stop the fear by having faith.
  • How to stop taking life seriously and be in the moment.


About Cecil McIntosh

Cecil McIntosh, owner of Relax and Get Rich, Mentor and Business Coach teaching HIS Grandma’s Legacy to successful women entrepreneurs and small business owners to GET UNSTUCK with the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down and enjoy a RICH REWARDING PERSONAL LIFE that they like to call “Naughty and Delicious.”

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