Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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What You Can Expect on Relax and Get Rich

So let me guess…

You’re not the type that knows how to slow down, right?

You don’t have any training on how to be in the moment and go with the flow.

And forget about naughty, delicious relationships.  You wouldn’t know one if it bit you in the ass.

But you do care about working fewer hours, being healthy and making more money.

And you work hard to be more productive.

You have reached the pinnacle of what you thought was success, but you are feeling empty inside. You have tried everything to find satisfaction.

But nothing happens.

No emotional support, no thanks, no acknowledgements letting you know you have done a good job.

In the context of success as an entrepreneur you feel unappreciated, stressed out and overwhelmed. Not because you lack confidence, but because you are unable to slow down and reduce stress.

You wake up in the morning and your body feels tired, almost like you never slept and you may also experience physical pain.

And it’s starting to piss me off.

Here you are a remarkable, intelligent and fascinating person with amazing ideas and talent that can help millions.  You feel burnt out and limited in achieving your goals because you are moving too fast, you lack focus and you’re unable to sleep.

You don’t even know you can have fun.

It’s wrong.

And after 20 years of watching from the sidelines, as the Relax and Get a Rich Life Mentor, I’ve finally decided to do something about it.

I want to teach you everything about success and reducing stress so that you can be successful and happy all the time.

Yes.  Everything.  Including those naughty, delicious relationships.

The Relax and Get Rich blog is for you — to enjoy naught delicious fun = more Money, happiness and success.

You will discover:

NAUGHTY AND DELICIOUS:  why those naughty delicious relationships are eluding you, and how to attract them into your life.

A LOT MORE MONEY:  why you need a system to work fewer hours and make more money than you ever thought possible.  Like claiming the 65% of profits you are now leaving on the table.

SLEEP LIKE A BABY:  why you need to avoid getting sick and when to stop and rest.   Yes, rest.  You can be sleeping like a baby within 24 hours.

FEEL LIKE A TEENAGER:  why rest will allow you to more money in less time.  In 3 weeks you can feel like a teenager again — all the time.

FREEDOM:  why you’re very good at giving; you’re not so hot at receiving.  When you start on the path to receiving, you will slowly being to accept who you are.  Then it’s easier to accept others.  When you accept others, you can begin to relax and be yourself – yes, yourself – at work, at home, and at play.

This is the last step in your path to freedom

I’ll train you. And not to be arrogant, but I am one of the biggest, naughtiest, most misbehaving, bad asses on how to relax and get a rich life.

Hello, my name is Cecil McIntosh

I am originally from Barbados. I was raised by my grandmother who was an amazingly successful entrepreneur. She taught me that success was not only about making money but having the time to enjoy life and developing the right connections.

After coming to Canada I attended university and graduated with a 4 years degree in business management. I subsequently forsake all the values my grandma taught me for the bright lights and fast pace of North America.

I had a very successful sales career acquiring all the material possession I desired and suffered from excruciating back pain.

Then one dreaded week it all came crashing down. I was divorced and declared bankruptcy in the same week.

This was my Aha moment. I have used these insights and my grandma wisdom, teaching entrepreneurs for the last 20 years how to slow down, have more fun and get a rich life.

You heard enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

You came here because you’re wound up tighter than a screw, and you want to unwind and have fun but you don’t know where to start.

Well, I want to help you and here’s why:

You don’t know how to slow down.  You think if you slowed down you’ll never make any money.

Let me show you how to make even more money while you slow down and enjoy it.

The only thing holding you back is a lack of understanding about how the game is played and yes, slowing down is a game. They are winners and losers and if you are still reading this, you’re probably losing.

Let’s put a stop to that right now.

You and me, we’re going to turn this baby around. Together.

It is very simple.

All you need to do is to slow down, subscribe, and let me show you what I know.

If this resonates with you, sign up for 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down.  When you read the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down, you will discover why slowing down is the key to success.

  • Work less, make more.
  • Claim the 65% of profits you are now leaving on the table.
  • Sleep through the night.  Feel like a teenager again.
  • Find out why naughty delicious relationships are eluding you.
  • Attract them into your life.  Start misbehaving.  Live in technicolor.

I’ll talk to you soon and happy reading!.

Cecil ~



About Cecil McIntosh

Cecil McIntosh, owner of Relax and Get Rich, Mentor and Business Coach teaching HIS Grandma’s Legacy to successful women entrepreneurs and small business owners to GET UNSTUCK with the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down and enjoy a RICH REWARDING PERSONAL LIFE that they like to call “Naughty and Delicious.”

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