Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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What I Stand For:

I think it is wrong that entrepreneurs are unable to RELAX and I am on a mission to help them live the life of their dreams while having Naughty Delicious Fun.

Who I Am

My name is Cecil McIntosh and I teach successful women entrepreneurs to enjoy the journey to wealth and also enjoy a rich rewarding personal life, not by always being in a hurry but by actually slowing down.

I started out earning well in selling but did not get a chance to keep much of it because I was in a hurry to make more money faster.

I made some bad investments and because I was so attached to making money I ignored my personal relationship and was divorced and bankrupt the same week.

What I Do For You

What do I do for you after helping over 1,500 people in the last 20 years live the life of their dreams and collectively they have made millions of dollars.

I do three things:

  1. I teach my Grandma’s Legacy which shows you how to listen to your inner voice so that you can manifest anything you desire.
  2. I help you quickly get unstuck in business by drilling down to the root cause of your problem.
  3. I teach you how to have Naughty Delicious Fun instead of being serious, tight assed and stressed out about making money in business.

Just suppose you could have could have Naughty Delicious Fun without being so tight assed. How would that make you feel? When you read the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow down, you will discover why slowing down is the key to success.

What People Are Saying About Working With Cecil McIntosh

About Cecil McIntosh

Cecil McIntosh, owner of Relax and Get Rich, Mentor and Business Coach teaching HIS Grandma’s Legacy to successful women entrepreneurs and small business owners to GET UNSTUCK with the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down and enjoy a RICH REWARDING PERSONAL LIFE that they like to call “Naughty and Delicious.”

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